Best known for its beautiful alpine scenery and other landscapes, Austria offers some pretty impressive natural production locations in Europe. Its proximity to France, Germany and other major European filming locations is another main advantage of filming in Austria.  

The country is very open to both foreign filmmakers and journalists. Filming in Austria is relatively straightforward. However, cost can be slightly higher than some neighbouring countries or Eastern Europe.

Places like the sky resorts, Tirol and iconic cities like Salzburg and Vienna are popular with producers and photographers. Given the country’s exceptional infrastructure and small size, filming in Austria is generally done efficiently and in timely manner.

Fixer Austria can assist with every aspect of production when filming in Austria, from permits to getting contributors.


Film Permits in Austria

Filming which involves total shut down of public space, traffic control and layout of tracks usually requires permits from several government departments. Simple B-roll filming that does not disrupt public movement is always very easy to set up.

Our production fixers in Austria have sufficient experience in getting film permits in Vienna, Salzburg, the ski resorts and other locations. Although the process may seem complicated, Austria is a very organized country and our fixers know how to handle local bureaucracy.

Contact us for information about permits processing for filming in Austria.


Access for Foreign Journalists

According to the World Press Freedom Index, Austria ranks 16th in the world next to countries like Iceland and Canada. Therefore the country is one of the easiest places for international journalists to work in. Institutions and individuals are relatively receptive to journalistic activities.

Therefore with sufficient local help, foreign media will find access to local contributors quite easy.


Tax Incentive

The Austrian government offers a grant of 25% of all the cost of international film and TV productions that qualify for it.


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