Fixer Austria is a team of autonomous production fixers doing location scouting, permits processing and general production assistance. We also work with local partners to provide specific logistics needs for your projects.

One of the best things about hiring us as your local production fixers in Austria is the fact that we have no fixed costs as a company. This means you get a service similar to what you get from a regular production company in Austria, but at a lower cost.

Location Scouting

Our location scouting services cover locations like Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and other Austrian cities, as well as remote rural communities. Our film fixers have a thorough knowledge of how the permits processing system works. Therefore, we can get you access to a wide range of locations all over the country.

Permits for filming in Austria can sometimes be slow, but there is always a thorough process in place.

Crew Sourcing

Austria offers a good pool of local experienced crew for international filming projects. Given its proximity to major production centers in Europe, it is easy to import foreign talents if they are needed. Austrian TV & film professionals might be small in number, but quite efficient and with flexible fees.

Equipment Hire

There is a good selection of filming equipment rental companies available within the country. Rental services like Arris in Vienna and others offer basic production gear. For more sophisticated production, you can easily bring in filming kit from abroad.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our Austrian fixers have a thorough knowledge of how to do reports for foreign media companies. In addition, we assist journalists in navigating through the country, scoring interviews with local contributors and verifying facts through research.

General Production Support

Fixer Austria operates in a way similar to full-service production companies. Thus we provide logistics for your projects and put together production crews. We also have a reliable network of local suppliers for rentals, crew sourcing and other services.

Looking for a production company in Austria or coming over as a journalist? Drop us a line.