International assignments can be tricky for journalists. Every country has varying legislations and possible drawbacks to free and effective coverage. This is in addition to language barriers and logistics difficulties.

With the help of our local fixers, we can easily help you find your way around these limitations for a hitch-free coverage of current affairs and news pieces in Austria. We offer the following services to foreign journalists:

  • Initial research
  • Fact checking
  • Local access
  • General production support

Contact us if you are a foreign journalists working on a documentary, news piece or covering an event in Austria. You can expect a reply in just a few hours and will be glad to work with you on your story.


Initial Research

Understanding the story you are working on as an international journalist requires as much information as you can get. By researching the subject for you, our fixers in Austria can get you all the background information you need for seamless production.


Fact Checking

Online platforms and other media sources can make it easy to access information, but there is nothing like good old investigative journalism to get all the facts of your story right. We have reliable sources all over the country with an in-depth knowledge of the local media landscape to help you check the facts for a truly comprehensive story.


Local Access to Contributors

The quality of your news report is dependent to a large extent on how much access you get to the relevant stakeholders and contributors to your story. We can assist you with booking interviews with government officials or local communities for balanced and complete reporting.


Production Support

Our production fixers in Austria offer reliable on-ground support in various forms. We cover news pieces, documentaries, current affair reports and so on.



With the help of local partners and suppliers, we can cover logistics needs at affordable rates. Moreover, we can source crew, talent and other relevant professionals locally.